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What Kevin Mcarthy’s Removal Could Mean for Texas

In a bold and necessary move, the United States Congress recently ousted RINO House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, setting a crucial precedent for the Republican party. McCarthy's failure to deliver on promises exposed a dire need for a true conservative leader like Matt Gaetz to step in and take a stand. Now, the spotlight shifts to Texas, where Speaker Dade Phelan, aka “drunk Dade”, a self-proclaimed “conservative,” is scrutinized for his questionable alliances and failure to champion conservative values.

  • Congressional Accountability: A Lesson for True Conservatives:

The removal of Kevin McCarthy underscores the urgency of holding elected officials accountable for their promises. True conservatives nationwide must learn from this and demand unwavering dedication to conservative principles from their representatives.

  • Texas' RINO Dilemma:

Dade Phelan, the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, stands “accused” of cozying up to Democrats to secure his position. This RINO behavior is a betrayal of the conservative values that Texans hold dear, and it demands immediate action from those who seek authentic conservative representation. He concedes on every issue only to retain his position.

  • Rejecting Compromise: Pro-Family Values Under Threat:

Dade Phelan's record of standing against pro-family legislation is alarming for the conservative base. Every time we get a bill put up that would benefit the family unit “drunk Dade” shuts it down. The time for compromise has passed, and conservatives must reject leaders who falter in defending family values.

  • Mobilizing the Right: The Imperative to Remove Phelan:

The battle lines have been drawn, and true conservatives in the Texas State House must unite to remove Dade Phelan from his position of influence. He has never stood for us, therefore we must take a stand against him. If he doesn’t step down, which many are demanding, then we have to apply pressure on him and make a move to take his spot.

Removing Kevin McCarthy was necessary to make the base realize we have more power than we thought. With its own RINO threat in the form of Dade Phelan, Texans must act decisively to preserve and defend actual pro-family values. The time for compromise is over, and it is incumbent upon the pro-life and pro-family base to rally, apply unrelenting pressure, and ensure that Texas remains a stronghold of unwavering values.


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