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Vegas Making Moves To Bring Casinos To Texas

Texas has been an anti-casino state since 1903. Casinos are linked to a number of major issues, such as increases in gambling addictions, sex trafficking, and domestic violence. Now, Las Vegas is making a push to bring its operations to the Lone Star State. 

Las Vegas Sands formerly owned casinos like The Venitian, The Palazzo, and Las Vegas Sphere. They recently made huge moves into other parts of the world, opening casinos in Asia and Spain. Now, they’re making a move into Texas with their “Texas” Sands PAC, according to Texas Scorecard

So far, Las Vegas Sands has given $200,000 to Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, marking his second-largest donation in the latest filing period. He has also received money from Penn Entertainment Inc. and The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, two other casino gambling groups.

Las Vegas Sands has given a total of $1.8 million to Texas House members - the large majority of it going to Republicans, knowing that they need GOP backing to bring casino gambling to Texas. It has been speculated that tens of millions more will be spent heading into the 2025 legislative session. 

Texans do not want casinos in their state. The crime rates and societal issues that are known to follow the arrival of casinos are both unwanted and unnecessary. Casino lobbies are working hard with the establishment to convince politicians and Texans that casinos will benefit them. They claim gambling will bring jobs and economic growth; however, everyone knows casinos profit off of people losing money. We must keep casinos out of Texas no matter how hard the industry tries to bring them here.


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