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TFP TV Ad Successfully Helps Move Pro-Family Legislation

Late last week, TFP proudly launched another TV ad. This one ruffled some feathers.

Our ad called out House Speaker Dade Phelan for refusing to help push SB 12, a bill that would defend our kids from obscene drag shows. If you’ve been following us for long enough, you’ve seen our work to expose the explicit nature of these so-called “kid friendly” drag shows.

These shows include grown men dressed as women stripping, flirting with kids, accepting cash tips from kids as if they were in a strip club, and oftentimes Satanic imagery.

While the Texas Senate quickly passed a bill to defend our kids from such displays, the House has held it up, prolonging the amount of time drag queens have to host such shows and perform in front of children.

That was until our ad hit screens in Speaker Phelan’s house district.

Within 24 hours of being released and the ensuing calls and social media pressure put on Phelan and Todd Hunter, the committee chair holding the bill, the bill was immediately scheduled for a hearing.

The ad also angered the Anti-Family left, as one of the drag queens shown in the ad went on a twitter storm, even threatening legal action against TFP over the ad.

The drag queen, pictured performing in front of children, made enough noise to have our ad taken off of Instagram.

While we still must force the committee to vote on the bill and move it to the Texas House floor, this is a huge victory and is a testament to what we already knew: Pressure works.

We must stay organized, keeping the pressure on politicians to do the right thing and passing legislation that benefits Texas families.

When TFP first launched, we promised to be the voice of the Pro-Family Cavalry and to make Texas families the loudest and strongest lobby in Austin. We’re proud to say we’ve been doing just that, and it’s thanks to every call made to a legislator, dollar donated, and Pro-Family voice aired.


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