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Texas Family Project Shuts Down “Family-Friendly” Drag Show

In a recent victory for family values and decency, Texas Family Project successfully put an end to yet another hyper-sexual all-ages drag show. The event, organized by Basin Pride and scheduled to take place at the I Love My Selfie venue in Midland, Texas, was deemed inappropriate for children by concerned citizens.

Texas Family Project and Defend Our Kids: Texas promptly responded to the disturbing news and took decisive action. The word was quickly spread to everyone in the area and concerned citizens across the state of Texas. Thanks to the collective efforts of these groups and vigilant Texans who shared their concerns, the venue hosting the controversial drag show was forced to shut it down.

Brady Gray, President of Texas Family Project, made a statement, declaring, "These perverts and groomers should know we're not going to stop exposing this evil." Gray emphasized the ongoing battle to protect Texas communities from what he sees as the corrupting influence of explicit content.

While celebrating the success of shutting down the drag show, Gray reminded fellow Texans that the fight is far from over. He urged citizens to remain vigilant and engaged in their communities, emphasizing the importance of upholding Senate Bill 12, the bill that would ban drag shows from being performed in front of children. 

Texas Family Project is committed to protecting children from exposure to sexually explicit materials, whether it's through drag shows or controversial school materials. If you hear of any sexually explicit drag shows for children happening in your area, please reach out to us through social media or on the contact page on our website.

Texas Family Project and Defend Our Kids: Texas is committed to protecting the innocence of children. We will continue to remove sexually explicit materials from classrooms and shut down hyper-sexual “family-friendly” drag shows.


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