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Taking a Stand Against Sexually Explicit Drag Shows in Texas

In Corpus Christi, Texas, a drag show to be performed in front of children is set to happen on Friday. This event will be held at House of Rock following the art walk. Sexually explicit drag shows performed in front of kids have no place in Texas.

The drag show, led by drag queen Isis Paris York, was initially promoted as a "family-friendly" event, drawing the attention of Texas Family Project and Defend Our Kids: Texas. Upon hearing of this event, the groups took action immediately and spread the word to Texans. 

Public pressure, spearheaded by these concerned organizations, forced the event organizers to alter their advertising. The event changed its advertising and removed the “family-friendly” from it. However, this apparent victory may be deceiving, as a phone call with the venue confirmed that children would still be allowed inside. This revelation raises serious questions about the values upheld by those responsible for such events.

The urgency to protect our children from exposure to sexually explicit content has become even more critical with the recent blocking of Texas Senate Bill 12 by federal courts. This bill aimed to prohibit sexually explicit drag shows from being performed in front of children, but its setback has emboldened organizers to push the boundaries.

The rise of such events poses a direct challenge to the values that define Texas. It is a call to action for individuals who believe in maintaining a moral and family-oriented society. Public pressure has proven to be an effective tool in mitigating the impact of these events on our children.

To join the fight against sexually explicit drag shows in Texas, we urge concerned citizens to contact the venue, House of Rock, and express their disapproval of allowing children to attend such events. Remind them that there is no place in Texas for performances that compromise the innocence of our youth.

As Texans, we must stand united to uphold the values that have shaped our communities for generations. Let us protect our children, defend our beliefs, and ensure that Texas remains a beacon of moral integrity for generations to come.


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