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Sexually Explicit Books Aimed at Minors Found in New Braunfels Public Library

A Growing Menace in Texas Libraries

The revelation of explicit material within Texas libraries, especially in sections designated for children, is not an isolated incident. It's part of a disturbing trend that has been gaining ground over time. Recently, in a public library in New Braunfels, there were a plethora of books aimed at teenagers that were sexually explicit. Some teach how to have sex and others are focused on genital mutilation. These books covered a wide array of topics that would be disturbing to any parent who has seen them. We argue that libraries should be sanctuaries for knowledge and personal growth and not a place for explicit content.

Explicit LGBTQ+ Literature

Naturally, this library had several books targeting “lgbtq and trans youth”. These books depicted naked transgenders and described masturbation in detail. There is nothing discreet about their messaging, as one book was titled, “Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”. Books like this one were encouraging the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors.

Critical Race Theory and DEI

The issue doesn't stop at sexually explicit material. Some of the reading materials found mentioned “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Many of these books are in favor of the ideals of “Black Lives Matter” and describe the concept of “white privilege”. No child should be taught that his/her race is either inferior or has special privileges, such as being given the right to commit violent acts and not be labeled a terrorist, which one author claimed to be true.

The Need for Action

Books in public libraries, especially for the youth, should be for education and entertainment. There isn’t a want or need for literature exposing children to sexually explicit material or racially-driven political issues. We need better policies to be put in place for the regulation of books. Freedom of speech in America was not put in place so child indoctrination could occur. Big thanks to Texas Scorecard for exposing these books. If you find them in your local public library or in your child's school library, report them and let your public officials know that you won’t stand for this material to continue to be in front of the eyes of minors.


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