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School Choice Is a Top Priority For Abbott’s Fourth Special Session

Governor Greg Abbott has summoned the Texas legislature immediately back for a fourth special session, determined to see school choice prevail despite the obstacles faced in the third session.

The New School Choice Agenda:

At the end of the third special session, Governor Abbott expanded the school choice agenda to include extra items that would please Democrats and RINO’s. This new and expanded agenda would give public schools a lot more funding and give teachers raises. Also, this agenda would raise the allotted amount for every student to over $10,000 per year, with no number on how much would be allocated to the fund. We don't know how many students would have access.

What Went Wrong Last Session:

School choice was at the forefront of everyone’s minds in the last special session. A fantastic bill passed through the Senate, and TFP President Brady Gray testified before the Senate Committee on Education to help do so. Once that bill hit the House, however, it was done. It didn’t even get heard in the House Committee. The House failed to meet the needs of its constituents.

What Must Happen This Session:

Conservative leadership in the House must take control of the situation and pass good legislation. We can’t concede and get a watered-down version of school choice like the House tried to do last special session. Governor Abbott must tell House Speaker Dade Phelan what he needs to pass, and we must pressure him to pass it. We know school choice can get through the Senate, so the House is the biggest obstacle.

In conclusion, Governor Greg Abbott's call for a fourth special session is a necessary step for education. Now more than ever, conservative leadership must unite, demanding that representatives embody and champion the concept of school choice. Through collective action, the future of education in Texas can be safeguarded against further compromise and shaped for generations to come.


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