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ROOTS Market: Standing Firm in Faith Against Liberal Intimidation

In the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, a beacon of Christian values and community resilience stands tall. ROOTS Market, a Christian-owned establishment, has recently found itself in the crosshairs of liberal outrage. Despite the onslaught of criticism, ROOTS Market remains steadfast, demonstrating the strength of Christian convictions and the power of faith in guiding business decisions.

ROOTS Market, a thriving hub for local vendors and shoppers, has always been transparent about its mission. The market is rooted in biblical principles, and its administrators have consistently emphasized that these values guide their decisions. This commitment to faith-based values has been evident in their recent actions, which have sparked much-needed conversations about religious freedom and the importance of respecting diverse viewpoints.

Shortly after the launch of ROOTS Market, a vendor with strong and vocal ties to LGBTQ+ causes received an email from the market, stating that they could no longer have her as a vendor because of these affiliations and strong vocal opinions.

Our business (the Market) has values just like any other business. Our values are biblically based, we do not have the same views as LGBTQ+… [W]e will be refunding you your vendor fee! Thank you Carlie, and we wish you the best!”

Soon after the ex-vendor went public with this email, the LGBTQ+ mafia came out in full force to protest the market and harass customers as they entered and exited.

In a time where businesses often capitulate to the loudest voices, ROOTS Market's unwavering adherence to its values is a testament to the strength of the Christian faith. The market's administrators have shown that they are not afraid to make tough decisions that align with their beliefs, even when these decisions are met with unjust criticism. This courage to stand for what they believe in has earned them the respect of many conservatives, who applaud their commitment to biblical truth.

Despite the backlash, ROOTS administrators have made it clear that they will not waver from the truth of the Word of God that their market is founded on. They have also reiterated their love and compassion for all individuals, demonstrating their commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all who wish to frequent ROOTS Market.

Texas Family Project was onsite during the last Summer Saturday market. While there were a number of protestors, there were also a good amount of counter-protestors and droves of customers.

ROOTS Market announced that it is planning on returning come Fall!


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