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Pro-Family Pressure Prevails: Infamous “A Drag Queen Christmas” Forced to Enact Age Minimum”

Last December, Defend Our Kids Texas and Texas Family Project made national news headlines after successfully exposing an allegedly “family-friendly” drag show.

The show in question was part of a tour that had dozens of stops, several of which were throughout Texas. The tour was marketed as being family-friendly, had no age restrictions, and was titled “A Drag Queen Christmas.”

What our undercover journalist witnessed was anything but family-friendly or Christmas-themed.

After we exposed this particular drag show, the Anti-Family Left had a visceral reaction. Between the ramped-up attacks, threats, harassment on social media, weeks-long cyber attacks on our websites, and tens of thousands of false entries on our email and “kid-friendly” drag show reporting fields, the child groomers pulled out all the stops to try and bully us into submission.

Lucky for us, our cyber security was impeccable, and our websites never went down. The illegal means they used to flood our website with fake emails and reports were fairly easy to weed out from our system. Most importantly, their public attacks and threats against us did nothing to deter the Pro-Family Cavalry.

Everything went according to plan, and we never stopped exposing the Anti-Family Left.

Now, we are proud to announce that after our work to expose this particular tour, coupled with our work to pass crucial Pro-Family legislation that defends our kids from these grotesque strip shows, “A Drag Queen Christmas” has put notices on their website that shows will be 18+ going forward.

This victory is a testament to the power that we, as the Pro-Family Cavalry have - not only when it comes to exposing these drag shows for what they truly are, but also in our ability to push policy in Austin.

It’s truly because of your help that we were able to accomplish these feats, and we look forward to accomplishing much, much more in the future.

We will never stop fighting for family.

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