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Pilot Point ISD Athletic Trainer Arrested for Alleged Grooming of Teen Student

Pilot Point ISD was shocked by the arrest of athletic trainer Javier Errisuriz, a 35-year-old accused of grooming a teenage student. The incident, which came to light on October 30th, has raised serious concerns about the safety and well-being of students within the public school system.

Unveiling the Allegations:

Limited information has been released thus far, but what is known is that Errisuriz, who formerly worked for both Comal Lake High School and Keller High School, was arrested and put behind bars at the Denton County jail. The alleged offenses took place within the confines of Pilot Point ISD, leading to swift action from the school's authorities.

Immediate Response and Administrative Measures:

Upon being made aware of the situation, the Pilot Point ISD Police Department took decisive action, placing Errisuriz on administrative leave effective immediately. A subsequent investigation unfolded, culminating in his termination on November 2nd. The authorities wasted no time addressing the allegations' severity and ensuring the other students' safety.

Arrest and Further Investigations:

Following his termination, ongoing investigations by law enforcement led to Errisuriz's arrest on November 10th. As the legal process unfolds, the details surrounding the alleged grooming are expected to emerge.

Pattern of Concerns in Public Schools:

This disturbing incident adds to a growing list of cases involving public school staff allegedly engaging in inappropriate behavior with students. Errisuriz's previous employment at Comal Lake High School and Keller High School raises questions about the effectiveness of hiring practices within the public education system.

Protecting Texas Youth:

While it is important to note that such incidents are not exclusive to public schools or entirely the school’s fault, they underscore the need for heightened vigilance and preventive measures. The safety of young, innocent children must be a top priority for school authorities and law enforcement.

The arrest of Javier Errisuriz serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by our public school system in ensuring the safety and well-being of students. As the legal process unfolds, we must reflect on the broader issues at hand, and work collectively to create an environment where our children can thrive without fear of exploitation or harm. The public school system is failing the students and families and must figure out how to prevent future incidents.


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