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Fort Worth ISD Closes Libraries, Reassigns Librarian Over Inappropriate Content

In a move that resonates with conservative values, Fort Worth ISD has taken decisive action against the infiltration of inappropriate and morally questionable content in our children's school libraries. The individual responsible for the catalog has been reassigned, and all libraries are shut down for a full assessment.

The Disturbing Discovery

Several controversial LGBTQ books, including "Gender Queer," were found in some of the district's elementary and middle school libraries. These books, some too graphic to even show on television, were a clear violation of the trust parents place in the education system.

A Community Outraged

Parents and concerned citizens are rightfully alarmed at the exposure of children to sexual and violent content. The district's action is a strong stand against the liberal agenda that seeks to push inappropriate materials on our youth.

Accountability and Action

The Director of Library Services, Victor Chapa, has been removed from his position. The district has admitted to relying too heavily on publishers, a failure that allowed these books to slip through the cracks.

House Bill 900: A Step in the Right Direction

The passing of House Bill 900, requiring written parental consent for access to "sexually relevant materials," is a victory for conservative values. It's a clear message that the state will not allow the left's agenda to dictate what our children can access. The law goes into effect starting September 1st.

Conclusion: A Victory for Conservative Values

Fort Worth ISD's actions are a triumph for those who believe in preserving the innocence of our children and upholding traditional values. By taking a firm stand against inappropriate content, the district is sending a clear message: our children's education will not be compromised by the liberal agenda.

This incident serves as a wake-up call, reminding us that vigilance is necessary to protect our children from those who would seek to undermine our values. The fight is far from over, but this victory is a step in the right direction.

While this is a victory, it begs the question: How many other ISDs still have explicit materials in their libraries?


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