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Drag Queen Advises Parents To Transition Children

The rise of sexually explicit drag shows has grown exponentially over the past several years. The influence of drag performers has grown and many people have listened to them. Arizona Democrat lawmakers teamed up with Planned Parenthood to host a “Drag Story Hour” at the capital to convince parents to transition their children. This came a day before LGBTQ Youth Day was set in the state capital of Phoenix.

A video surfaced of a drag performer reading a children's book to a group of adults with the clear aim of encouraging them to instill transgender ideology in their kids. It is very telling that this group of adults needs picture books to understand what is being taught to them. The man dressed as a woman added unsettling commentary between pages of the book. 

The main message that seemed to be pushed was to “listen to your kids.” That sentiment alone is very backward, considering it should be the other way around. He then goes on to explain that he knew from a very young age that he didn’t fit into a certain category, and if he had the resources and language that are used today, he probably would’ve had a very different outcome. He also claimed that adults change their pronouns all the time as they “grow and mature and figure sh*t out” which is simply a false narrative. It isn’t a common or normal thing for an adult to change their pronouns.

The overall synopsis of this story hour seemed to be a lot of confused adults gathered in a room listening to a man who also happened to be confused. He clearly wasn’t proficient in his grammar usage considering he had to use foul language as filler words at the Capitol. 

The whole point of parenting is to guide your children to become successful, functioning members of society. Parents are supposed to teach children the differences between right and wrong and imagination and reality. Children, in their youth and naivety, may think they are dinosaurs one day and ninjas the next. Reasonable parents recognize this; however, disturbed adults lean into these fantasies and openly encourage their children to make life-altering decisions about their gender. It is cruelty on full display, but thankfully, Texas has already banned the chemical/physical transition of children. Unfortunately, socially transitioning children is still a major threat that must be addressed next legislative session. TFP remains committed to raising awareness about this and working with legislators to put a stop to downright foolish ideology.


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