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Dallas Church is Hosting “Drag Sunday” With the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Today, we delve into a contentious event slated for this Sunday, September 17th, at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas. This event called "Drag Sunday," has raised significant questions about the sanctity of our religious institutions, child protection, and the erosion of moral values in our society.

A number of drag groups were invited to participate, most notably “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”. This group dresses as nuns and performs in drag. They faced massive outrage when the Dodgers scheduled them to perform in their stadium at a game earlier this year. Within the last month, one of the members was “allegedly” caught masturbating in public. Despite this, the Dallas “church” is inviting them with open arms to perform in front of them and their children.

Adding to the disquiet is the Cathedral of Hope's solicitation of "blessings" and donations to support these performers. Such actions appear at odds with the fundamental tenets of Christianity and contravene the sacred mission of the church. Tithes and offerings from this church are literally going to support sin.

This event is in response to SB12, a Texas Senate bill designed to restrict drag queen performances in front of children, which states valid concerns about its sexualized nature. Yet, it is imperative to underscore that SB12 is currently embroiled in legal disputes, with its legal status hanging in the balance. A federal judge just held it up for an additional two weeks. Unfortunately, since Attorney General Ken Paxton is on trial, we don’t have anyone to fight the holdup of this bill taking effect.

Furthermore, organizers of "Drag Sunday" encourage attendees to create videos expounding on "what drag means to them." While we cherish the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech, we must not lose sight of the fact that individual liberties should never come at the expense of our children's moral upbringing. It is not your freedom to sexualize the church or children, which is what inherently happens with groups like the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Dallas is also holding the Texas Latino Pride Festival this weekend. They will hold drag shows and Latino homosexuals dancing in front of children. "Pride Weekend" will be happening all over the state of Texas this weekend.

In conclusion, we must fight back against churches that are perverting the message of God. We know the impact churches have on people and we must not let the world think churches like this represent the masses.


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