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A Parent's Outcry: TX Public Education Crisis, LGBT Indoctrination, and the Urgent Need for Choice

As a deeply concerned Texas parent, I am outraged by the state of our public education system. From LGBT indoctrination to educators engaging in inappropriate relationships with students, the crisis in Texas education threatens our society's core values.

When the Legislature first convened, hope was ignited for parents and school choice advocates across the state. Even Governor Abbott made school choice one of his top priorities, but the failure to pass this vital school choice legislation is a betrayal of Texas children who deserve a high quality education free of indoctrination.

The forced indoctrination of the LGBT agenda in Texas schools is an assault on our kids. Our children are being inundated with radical ideologies that undermine family values and promote confusion. This is not education; it's just a symptom of the ongoing brainwashing crisis happening in Texas public schools.

The abysmal math and literacy rates, along with educators engaging in immoral relationships with students, reflect a system that puts indoctrination first and quality education last.

The failure to pass school choice legislation in Texas is a declaration of war against our values and our children's future. We must demand immediate action to pass school choice, allowing us to choose schools that uphold our values, protect our children, and provide high quality instruction.

As a Texas parent, I will not rest until our voices are heard, and our children are safe from the forces that seek to abuse and confuse them. The battle for the soul of our education system is one we must win, and the time to act is now.


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