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31 Days Out: A Legislative Update

As the 88th Texas Legislative Session continues on, we’re finally approaching (barring any special sessions) the home stretch.

With roughly 30 days left, I wanted to make you aware of the most important Pro-Family bills working their way through the legislative process.

Here’s what we need to keep our eyes on for the remainder of the session:

Senate Bills

SB 12 (Hughes) works to restrict sexually oriented performances while children are present. With our coverage of supposed “kid friendly” drag shows, it’s obvious that this legislation is unfortunately necessary. We were happy to see this bill leave the Senate some time ago, but we need to make sure that the House sees it through and puts SB 12 on Governor Abbott’s desk for signing.

As of my writing of this, SB 12 has passed the Senate and is awaiting further action in the House.

SB 14 (Campbell) will defend our kids from brutal chemical castrations and bodily mutilations. Sen. Campbell not only authored this bill, but fought incredibly hard to keep this bill strong, as the senate attempted to weaken it through the amendment process.

As of my writing of this, SB 14 has passed the senate and is awaiting further action in the House.

House Bills

HB 900 (Patterson) works to keep sexually explicit materials out of our schools and libraries. While the Anti-Family Left have likened this bill to book burnings or book bannings, this bill simply ensures that vendors that sell our school’s books have a rating system to account for sexually explicit materials and that books rated as sexually explicit are not sold to our schools.

As of my writing of this, HB 900 has passed the House with bipartisan support and is awaiting further action in the Senate.

HB 3570 (Schatzline) will require age verification to access pornographic websites. Similar bills have passed and been introduced into law in a handful of other states. TFP is happy to see Rep. Schatzline lead the charge on this issue. In a time where social media use, web browsing, and general access to technology amongst children is growing more and more common, it’s incredibly important that we take every step possible to keep our children safe from pornography and its harmful impacts on the soul and brain.

As of my writing of this, HB 3570 is sitting in Calendars and waiting to be scheduled for a floor vote in the House. If passed, it will have to work its way through the Senate.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT! In the coming weeks, and possibly even early next week, we will have action alerts for YOU to get involved! These bills will only move through the legislature and become law if we make our voices heard!


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