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Abolish abortion

Texas Family Project is for the complete abolition of abortion – no exceptions.

At TFP we strongly believe that the moment a child is conceived, that life is worth protecting. In no other setting do we kill children due to the choices of the father and mother, and abortion is no different.

Even though Roe has been overturned, there’s still work to be done.

Now is the time to completely abolish the ungodly practice of abortion in Texas –no excuses.

Protect Women’s Sports

It’s essential to provide women student-athletes with a level playing field in competitive sports.

Allowing biological male athletes who say they identify as “transgender” to compete against women is fundamentally unfair.

While Texas passed a bill in 2020 to protect girls in high school from such circumstances, the bill didn’t go far enough.

Right now, college athletes in Texas aren’t protected. Their scholarships are vulnerable to biological male athletes who couldn’t quite hack it competing against their biological peers.

Additionally, parents with high school daughters, need to have civil remedies available to them instead of relying on a bureaucracy to take the initiative.

Stop Sex Transitions

Children are having their sexuality stripped away from them before they’re capable of informed consent by way of chemical alterations.

This is the physical manifestation of the left’s woke agenda being played out on innocent children who’ve been abandoned by reason.

We at Texas Family Project stand with the delegates of the 2022 GOP convention calling for the Outlawing of Gender Modification in Children.

Protect Kids From Obscene Materials

Children are bombarded with pornographic content, a problem that’s gotten so bad sixteen states have declared it a public health crisis.

The average age of first exposure to pornography is 11 years old, and more than 20% of traffic to pornographic sites is by users under the age of 10.

What’s crazy about the current state of play when it comes to pornography is it can be easily regulated. Not only are internet service providers able to filter out most of this content it’s already being done in other countries.

Texas Family Project is calling for the Protection of Kids from Pornography by making the content opt-in at the service provider level.

Insure Schools Educate

In liberal paradises such as New York and California, the education systems are being used to indoctrinate and corrupt our nation’s most vulnerable and innocent population: children.

As you may or may not know, the anti-family radical left is attempting the same strategies right here in Texas.

With sexually explicit materials running rampant in public schools and libraries, administrators attempting to peddle CRT teaching lessons, and woke teachers exposing children to LGBT ideology, the time is now to take a stand on this issue.

This is why the Texas Family Project is leading the charge to ensure schools educate, not indoctrinate. Legislators, school board members, and local educators should not be peddling obscenity in our schools.