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Activism is the backbone of the pro-family movement! Texas Family Project, fueled by Texans like you, is on the front lines of this battle. Involved parents are the only way to protect our children from radical indoctrination. 


Our family values are under attack, it’s time for parents to fight back!

Outlaw Gender Transitioning of Minors

Enforce the Outlawing of Genital Mutilation of Texas Kids

Children are having their sexuality stripped away from them at young ages through chemical alterations and surgical mutilation. We advocate for the preservation of the innocence of children and parental involvement in all medical decisions.

End the Sexualization of Texas Kids

In today's society our children are bombarded with sexual content at every turn. From libraries to “all ages” drag shows, or online pornography, we must protect our kids through easy to implement age restrictions on adult content.

Protect Kids from Obscene Materials
Educate Not Indoctrinate

Ensure Schools Educate,
Not Indoctrinate

Across the United States, education systems are being used to indoctrinate and corrupt our children. We believe education should focus on academics and critical thinking rather than extreme agendas. Ultimately, parents should have authority when it comes to their child's education.

Promote Pro-Family Policies

The family is the foundation of a strong society. From much needed CPS reform to helping every child find a safe and loving home, we believe Texas has a great deal of work to do in this arena. TFP promotes legislation to support parental rights, strengthen marriage and family relationships, and provide resources for families as they battle for the hearts and minds of their children.

Unite Families
Prevent Casino Gambling

Keep Casino Gambling Out of Texas

Texas has seen increased efforts from the gambling and casino lobby to bring casinos into Texas. Casinos lead to more debt, poverty, and broken homes. We must ensure casino gambling stays out of Texas!

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